Joint collapse of EU is the day when IMF of which I'm afraid renounces an obligation.

Though Riemann brothers became extinct by a financial crisis.
Rival Goldman Sachs also met with a similar crisis, but.
When a resuscitated mechanism is judged by a public fund.
Even Greece, Goldman Sachs-like mechanism.
I can think.
It's same as good-for-nothing collection to tell to return it right now.
Why can it be returned to being also no aims which can be returned?
Like Pakistan, thanks to return to IMF.
After funds of official education administration are exhausted.
Young people can't waver in the roadside and go any more to school.
It's without charge and I surge into the church where education is got.
It was to stay as theolog.
That this was the origin of Taliban?
It isn't informed of so much.
You can say all one in the starting point of hate to Europe.
Even Germany has just paid the indemnity by the Treaty of Versailles up in 2010.
Greece should be overlooked with a plan for 100 years.
IMF and ECB are substantial renouncement of an obligation.
Greece would have to be helpful to the future eternity.