Do you think about tokyo 2020 rogo?






The global civilization of the safe mode impossibility.

Andromeda galaxy nebula is the terrible speed. I say that I'm aiming at the Milky Way galaxy nebula. It's said that it probably collides 4,000,000,000 years later. Our solar system is in the outskirts in the Milky Way. From extraterrestrial civilization, you'd be able to say a so-called frontier place. I say that there are billions of planets like the earth in the Milky Way galaxy. Only the global human race has the only civilization in the universe. The point of view which says so seems ordinary. Whether they seem to kill, I try to inspect. It isn't also a reason with a certain way. It's said that 99% isn't used for a human brain yet. We with history who say the great navigation era 500 years before? A thing is seen only by the childish point of view such as new continent discovery. The mankind who doesn't evolve at all since history. The earth Bunmei when a similar slaughter and furious history are being repeated. Such software is needed to do own check by a PC. I don't have a plan of the safe mode which starts in F8 yet for the mankind. Processed goods matter of the uranium which has been also invented by a reluctance? We assume that human extinction is also possible thousands of times. We by whom sei has been turned to such world. The money economy made artificially makes the differential society with the heroic mankind. The civilization of the mankind who changed into a topping of political strife for life maintenance. Of three big religion, it's told, but, but, I have that, I don't concern. It's located in the wasteland where the mankind is still undeveloped that a repeat of a slaughter doesn't cease. Perhaps from extraterrestrial civilization, as the earth for one human experiment. The point of view may be some ones. It's pathless but I look at the earth by safe mode to prove that. The mankind can't use the plan yet. Existence of a UFO is caught, but why can't the mankind encounter? Because they and others are probably an administrator of safe mode?


It's common sense of the world to go to new National Stadium in 2020TOKYO by a plan of Mr. ZAHA.

It's common sense of the world to go to new National Stadium in 2020TOKYO by a plan of Mr. ZAHA.
The budget and the design are making noise with saying this or that in Japan, but the winner of a tournament isn't supposed to concede by all means.


Héritage négatif, Asahi Shimbun = ancien approvisionnement de Quartier général Impérial pour le journal gouvernemental.

Héritage négatif, Asahi Shimbun = ancien approvisionnement de Quartier général Impérial pour le journal gouvernemental.

Quand c'est cette fois, dans la publicité pleine page d'une compagnie, une stratégie de vendre un dessin dans la guerre Pacifique le régularise, mais l'éditeur de presse important, la station de TV en incluant le soleil du matin attise la nation en marque de drapeau en luttant contre le soulèvement d'esprit à l'époque et le processus qui laissent vous atteindre l'effondrement restez dans l'histoire d'éternité comme un héritage négatif chaque année.
Le point de vue des gens qui appellent le soleil du matin un gauchiste de l'antiJapon est incorrect.
Quand on y a déjà fait un lavage de cerveau, c'est une chose que nous ne comprenons pas une intention de continuer le drapeau de soleil comme le symbole d'une compagnie.
La chose importante regarde directement l'histoire objectivement et devra-t-il avoir une occasion de réfléchir maintenant ?
Il mène à l'effondrement de la démocratie parlementaire que le traité de sécurité a rattachée la facture est conclue sans un amendement constitutionnel et mais il sera nécessaire de faire une objection avec l'aide de pression externe.
Je me sens ont les bons États-Unis que je reste silencieux, mais ce ne sera pas pour une telle situation parce que je regarde que le Japon devient le régime politique national comme les jours d'avant-guerre de près.
Les deux soleil du matin, empereur Showa ne s'est pas encore excusé à l'apologie de la guerre.
C'est quitté comme un héritage négatif de l'histoire, aussi.


The new national construction blank planning for which I never make.

By a rush job from October of this year, in spring in 2019, pre opening.
And a test of soccer is held all together.
We assumed that the IOC side was put into effect before holding half year as for athletics.
It's ordered at the beginning of next year by a blank reconsideration plan.
That construction starting is quite behind schedule expects.
In a tournament by a blank plan, many twists and turns.
Doesn't it take one year by an adjustment?
The schedule on a desk is quite too optimistic.
Even if more than half of the whole competition is performed at facilities besides Tokyo-to.
The repair cost of the facilities of existence doesn't also work.
It's obvious to become a problem beyond a new national institution.
The room where completion does test holding before holding half year?
The acting without rehearsal performance which cries is also expected.
I overlook the expenses as expected.
The present, as, you think it's better to advance it by a plan of Mr. ZAHA, right?
It's avowed that Mr. Abe can account and construct certainly by a tournament.
Since it'll be just now, even if it's called if it was a strategy for Abe ministry life prolongation, that's all right.
Did IOC have it by the best choices and choose TOKYO?


The IOC general meeting by which big criticism is expected by reconsideration in 2020 new National Stadium.

The selfishness which is Japan at the IOC general meeting of the end of this month.
Becoming big problem-ization isn't avoided.
When it isn't done on an invitation tournament street, each country IOC commissioner is TOKYO.
The thing chosen as an Olympic candidate site is the reason made the scrap paper.
Is it satisfied with only Chairperson Bach's consideration?
Approval and disapproval is asked about in Japan.
When judging from the world, how is it?
It isn't an event only for Japan.
Formal modern Olympics for the world.
Depending on criticism of a IOC general meeting.
Substitution holding in Istanbul is also SHI MOARAZU in a cry.
The mass media of the world don't touch at all, do they?
A IOC commissioner of each country should probe severely.


New National Stadium turmoil scanning.

Even though 130,000,000,000 yen were about 300,000,000,000 yen.
Arch type opening and shutting system National Stadium where degree of difficulty is also highest in the world.
I think there are no hands which aren't made.
Does the world guess and isn't it watching the technology and sincerity?
I become one hundred million general financial critic, and it costs a lot of money too much and.
You're saying an understood thing.
I think a focus should steal the meaning of the Olympic holding from different Ingres.
That there is cash flow at approximately 500,000,000,000 yen in Tokyo-to, a historical origin.
Since state tax income also increases substantially, and I come to large enterprise.
Hundreds of, reservation inside one trillion yen, I'll have money.
When Japanese construction is of high level without then, grudging.
Can't the view which can be envied from the world be imagined?
Even if I make it blank, I'm proceeding with contract at about 10,000,000,000 yen already.
Doesn't penal sum become quite high?
If it's Mr. ZAHA, I charge 100,000,000,000 yen.
Because it was that tournament, I succeeded in invitation.
It's led by a ministry and is blank plan reconsideration done?
It can't be possible.
The abdomen used for a life prolongation tool of a ministry.
Such "temporality is that Mr. Abe seems to think.
Even if it's early, is construction starting around spring of next year?
It doesn't seem decided within the year.
Then I'm not in time. A present plan is rushed.
A general contractor shows the pride and it'll be without charge and necessary for done resolution.


The insensitivity which insults the new National Stadium tournament winner who isn't permitted (United Kingdom).




A plan in new National Stadium went back to the beginning on July 17. It was a topping of political strife for charge political power and indeed was a dangerous bet. Prime Minister Morimoto who retired from a councilor was working hard every day by reward-lessness (There was an insignificant daily allowance.) by the Olympic relation, and a notification on a plan blank sheet of paper from Mr. Abe was the state which isn't convincing, wasn't it? The state rugby World Cup will be reported like the bad guy, and of which I think regrettably. I think reconsideration from a blank sheet of paper doesn't make. When a kir arch isn't ordered within this month, it's said that they aren't in time. I don't also know to where you also have a consideration of a new National Stadium tournament winner and Chairperson Bach. He said a blank sheet of paper selfishly, but why did Mr. Abe leave them alone up to now? Inose governor pronounces Tokyo Itsuwa to be preparing enough cash in Tokyo-to, and it should be all right with the side of the construction cost. It would be responsible to Mr. Ishihara of course, too. Price soaring by fall in the yen lead by Mr. Abe's Ave flea camphor tree of a highest officer can't also be ignored. Because when 80 yen for one dollar of stand will be 124 yen, what happens or a prediction should be done.

It's a main stadium of Tokyo Olympics for 2020 years.
2 major general contractors cut in on construction in new National Stadium by optional agreement.
The rumor as (about 100,000,000,000 yen) that a building cost jumped up doesn't seem also false necessarily.
It seems to be 170,000,000,000 yen by the first estimate, a kir arch appropriate for?
I say that it's also generalized construction code worldwide.
Saitama Stadium 2002 is also a kir arch.
The anxiety don't you concern deeply can't also exclude rights.
A temporary prime minister, a building cost piles up too much, so the consultation which is design reconsideration for a former prime minister.
I say that I don't like a former prime minister personally, either.
Because of the problem of the level to which I say that it's little that I have a lot of such building costs, to IOC.
May I change it and set a precedent as an international pledge violation selfishly?
The insensitivity which insults a new National Stadium tournament winner.
Though circular giving at thousands of billions of yen and yen credit are being advanced to foreign countries by ODA.
I say stingy RU to a festival of the world (Mr. Abe said a Japanese festival.)
A humiliation to the world has been revealed.
To start a construction project in a main stadium with a clean slate.
I also start with a clean slate an Olympic invitation tournament.
It'll be the one as common sense also to call an invitation battle retry.
I should think of a rival city so.
Before I say designer (architecture design) villain theory and adoption charge villain theory.
Who being a highest officer's by 2020 Tokyo Olympic invitation or.
Isn't it common sense of the world to care?
You think the persuasion to IOC and a tournament adoption winner isn't easy, right?
The resolution which will have the third time of no Summer Olympics Japanese holding in the future will be necessary.





Of the renunciation of war, it's promised, Nuremberg and Far Eastern military tribunal.

In Germany, about the Nazis war criminal individual
It's hung on the future eternal trial.
A state wasn't asked itself about.
It itself asks about a state in Japan.
The emperor who was a highest officer had no blame.
Emperor Showa?
As Hitler, Mussolini and the Hiro man who are three big top of the axis side.
It's so famous that it was even introduced to TIME magazine in allied powers.
I was also commander in chief in the Japanese Empire.
A city all Japan is destroyed.
Even if a terrible sight in Tokyo which became a burned field is judged from the great Tokyo air raid.
A national victim doesn't also lend his ears to staff's warning, and amplifies.
I say the battle in Okinawa, a mainland battle and atomic bombing even if I have no chance to win.
The highest officer's crime which was brought into the war you don't need to do is heavy.
A major newspaper, Imperial Headquarters and bureaucracy and a plutocracy are a reflection.
Neither an emperor nor a major newspaper have lasted now for an apology of fighting spirit uplift.
When there is a winner, a loser exists certainly.
That it's helped that a winner judges a loser.
I don't stand up without slaughters with a war.
The killed side makes them collect hate on the killed side.
Mutual enters such maze and stays at the insane world.
I lose oneself and am irrational.
Human fate is in the repeat since history.
It can't evolve yet.
Mr. Kishi Nobusuke of Mr. Abe's grandfather grasps the real power of Manchukuo then.
The DNA is being taken over.
Wartime emergency measures, June, 1945 and war responsibility to Emperor Showa, a light comb.
The bill I also tried to charge an assembly with which.
Landsturm rei is formed in 1938.
This security related bills would be something near that.
That it's dangerous when I make charge political power achieve a great victory too much?
It'll be that it was biting for the person who doesn't usually go to election.
It's such thing to renounce election.
The guarantee by which your son doesn't go to departure of students for the front and a special attack corps?
It's nowhere.
Because I'm not such generation.
By leaving sending to a work, proposal and remonstrance.
An effort is just made so that it may be chosen right better than a Japanese one.
A lady is without the right to vote in the prewar days.
When I think it was only male more than 25 years old.
I'd know the however good time whether now is because it's popular sovereignty.
Mr. Abe's staff?
"When closing through a bill, the people forget it right now."
The person of an idea who says so says that it's a lot.
A loser can't also run away from a game from ablutions as a loser in the war.
I win without fighting, because it's so.
I think the oath of the renunciation of war will be important.



The starting point where a main stadium is 2020 Tokyo Olympic invitation.
After a member of IOC can charm in a plan in new National Stadium.
I think there are also to commissioners who cast one vote for Tokyo.
I don't know well why you find fault with Mr. Ando's adoption now.
When shouldering, the budget etc. country is to be finished.
Because Mr. Abe is the reason concerned with a tournament deeply, too.
Because I did a tournament by all Japan and succeeded in invitation.
By the irresponsible correspondence which may do what?
That IOC also imposes some penalties?
It shouldn't be invitation for 2019 rugby cup.
The air to which I say if I abdicate the throne to Istanbul if it can't be settled no matter what.
Isn't it spreading over the world?


Greek strategy.

Greek strategy.

Germany rearranges economy by export to Europe each country.
The profits in Greece should also be huge.
Because a matter has+ vs.-, balance, if, by a kept reason.
A soldier vs. a loser.
A lender vs. a borrower.
The benefit vs. a profit and loss.
A winner vs. a loser.
Because NADO and sougo are related.
The world stands up.
Greece and Italy?
The mainstream-like location of the Western civilization is being built from antiquity.
I shouldn't tell only by politics and the financial page of the air in the today.
There is pride of boy friends in a historical DNA.
It's natural usually to return borrowed one.
That's the reason the necessity by which a lender attends to his business with resolution is also.
The tolerance made cancellation leads to a repayment in the future.
While a secular eye is black, the feeling that I'd like to end is understood.
Anything which can't be returned realistically can't be returned.
Greece is a long eye and it's also necessary to take out UMI and entrust to future people.
EU and a German theater attendant are taken up.
I want you to show me deep tolerance.
The future history will be to prove that.


The evil by which Same-sex marriage is democracy society as expected.

American Bundesgerichtshof was a decision by majority and I made them legalize Same-sex marriage. It can be permitted to a coupling, but at this rate the family's collapse would increase certainly, wouldn't it? Even though a celebrity supports it, that may not be right. Insistence of a right as Same-sex marriage leans, and would stretch the meaning of the equal meaning too much. Before saying a trial, it's also fact that it should be settled. The respectable heterosexuality isn't equal, said, will it be? Same-sex marriage contrary to noble Biblical telling is against social morality. It's my idea to say that there is nothing unreasonable with Same-sex marriage personally.


Emperor Showa's too slow Emperor's judgment.



Emperor Showa's too slow Emperor's judgment.

Every time August 15 is met every year, I think.
That useless war, how many Tatars, whether it's wax.
I think the person who would like to avoid fighting between the state is most.
When a person moves in the organization, a sense of a decisionmaking has wings.
In the history by which the lesson which goes to the wrong way is the human race.
It's left so that you can't finish counting.
By Whitney's document by which Emperor Showa's notes are MacArthur's subordinate.
It was secret release and was opened, Hirohito, one, to Japan people.
Feelings didn't also choose the so partial point of view to have been done.
The view which became a burned field in 1945 by the great Tokyo air raid.
Hirohito is gone on to see. But
Profitable victory negotiations by a blow to a partner country are planned, so much.
Examination of President Truman's surrender and.
An ear isn't also imposed on warning in the early end of the war from Prime Minister Konoe.
Mind the second general military headquarters in Hiroshima.
I have appeared in one hundred million general honorable death tactics.
Many young people scattered in a sea by a special attack unit and a human bomb.
I also have no chance to win and meet the situation that the blow to a hostile country is also impossible.
For Emperor Showa fascinated by Napoleon
How much national sacrifice was being seen, by Whitney document, the idea.
It often appears.
To the Soviet where Imperial Headquarters such as Mr. Ryouzou Sejima wish for the emperor's gallows hard.
By tendering Siberia detainment of 600,000.
The rumor that it was made a tool of an approach of maintenance of Imperial Household?
I don't know whether it's true.
The battle in Okinawa by which almost no local city needs to have an experience of an air raid and do and.
To Hiroshima who has finished even if it isn't dropped, and Nagasaki.
It was also the cause which causes misery of an atomic bomb.
That responsibility of commander in chief is the guarantee which is Imperial Household too heavily more than the country.
Mind of Hirohito who stuck to protection of the National Athletic Meet?
Was it only squid?
Was the decision in the too late end of the war right?
Many noncombatants who aren't deified in Yasukuni-jinja.
How should it be done to hold a memorial service for the victim's soul?
The future eternity will stay for misery of the war and highest officer's crime.


Consultation to Greece.

Graceful living is reversed and you wouldn't be supposed to live in a life of the hardships of life. The super-tight budget EU credit company forces doesn't resuscitate and makes them remember an agricultural district in the Edo Period which isn't killed. When 30 percent of the work force and 40 percent of the national budget come with the relation of personnel expenses of the official servant, it's visible to fail. We'll set a Japanese work force to 70,000,000 people. That I go by its percentage, very, 2000 everyone chou, they're said to be an official servant, it'll be. The one which was provided to Greece while laying eyes on such situation can't help saying that the view was too optimistic. It's impossible to tell to return money to the person who also has no returned aims. It'll take 100 years, but it'll take 200 years, but I think it's also necessary to offer consultation with a body and give grace to the returned side. It would be the same repeat of running on a hand-to-mouth basis by the collection level of the good-for-nothing imitation.


Imformation from Moyurupen

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Mutual coexistence without profit and loss.

Even though you can't clear off the debts.
To despoil the person's life?
It can't be permitted as a person.
The borrowed one is also the borrowed one, but it can be said that the way where I lend is also the way where I lend.
It's better to judge such thing from adaptation to circumstances and a long eye generously.

Germany in a defeated nation is the Treaty of Versailles in the World War I.
You tell the astronomical indemnity.
But I'll drive into a difficult situation and build you Hitler.
I peep at pathless national fate.
Hitler succeeds to bilk cleanly.
But even the Second World War loses a battle.
For the payment which is the indemnity again.
I complete the payment finally in 2010.
Know-how of such return, Germany and each country?
I advise Greece without profit and loss and they achieve mutual coexistence.
I should look for the reciprocal way.
It's to the extent listed large enterprise can't be returned.
When the astronomical debt was carried.
Renouncement of an obligation on the side where I lend and borrower's return nonbinding target.
The reason with which I coexist.
When this isn't being also judged from a long eye, both of them will be joint collapse.
An enterprise and an individual are same.


Joint collapse of EU is the day when IMF of which I'm afraid renounces an obligation.

Though Riemann brothers became extinct by a financial crisis.
Rival Goldman Sachs also met with a similar crisis, but.
When a resuscitated mechanism is judged by a public fund.
Even Greece, Goldman Sachs-like mechanism.
I can think.
It's same as good-for-nothing collection to tell to return it right now.
Why can it be returned to being also no aims which can be returned?
Like Pakistan, thanks to return to IMF.
After funds of official education administration are exhausted.
Young people can't waver in the roadside and go any more to school.
It's without charge and I surge into the church where education is got.
It was to stay as theolog.
That this was the origin of Taliban?
It isn't informed of so much.
You can say all one in the starting point of hate to Europe.
Even Germany has just paid the indemnity by the Treaty of Versailles up in 2010.
Greece should be overlooked with a plan for 100 years.
IMF and ECB are substantial renouncement of an obligation.
Greece would have to be helpful to the future eternity.