Les candidats de le Pen vont gagner.

Dans un sondage réalisé en France,

classement d’approbation du 5/7 ruissellement était à 60 % et 40 %

Normalement, les candidats Le Pen macron balayent la signalés.

Mais le macron s’abstenir vote probable de point de vue devrait être.

Est le taux d’appui solide comme le roc, fondamental pour les candidats de Le Pen

Et les électeurs de s’abstenir, candidats macron diront assez bien.

M. Serge Garam britannique EU retrait et Donald Trump est une personne qui a été frappé à gagner

Il prend plutôt candidat surprise Le Pen.

En d’autres termes faire candidats macron plutôt activement

Ainsi, obtenir faction disposée à s’abstenir de venir beaucoup tout

Résultats du sondage ne sont pas des élections proportionnelles résultats peuvent également se sont fortement.

Servi le régime politique éternel ou modifiée, souffler une bouffée d’air frais en France,

Avec personnes, choisissez à tout le monde perception est celle

Je crois que chez les personnes de la France.


By French poll

Approval rates in the run-off voting on May 7 are 60% and 40%.

There was usually report that a macron candidate wins an overwhelming victory over a RUPEN candidate.

But a possibility of the renouncement voting to a macron candidate should also put a viewpoint in a lot of things.

A basic approval rate to a RUPEN candidate is huge rock.

The voter who renounces says that a macron candidate becomes quite much.

Mr. Serge moth Willis Eugene Lamb Jr. is the person who made British EU leaving and Mr. Donald Trump's election hit.

He says that surprise happens to a RUPEN candidate.

In other words it isn't put in a macron candidate aggressively, but.

Because the party which may be renounced is finishing and is coming much.

A possibility that a result of the poll isn't proportional to election result has also come out hard.

After I reform whether the look of the current administration is also the politics which doesn't change to the fullest and usher in the new phase into France.

The recognition that it's also clear in whose eye which to choose from whether you walk with the country?

I'm thinking the French people have that.


"Whitney document" (It's released secretly.)

 It's dazzled to act like progress of Koike new party, but a possibility that Toyosu problem makes the big change an IR bill has come out. Will secede Koike governor from LDP, stand he up again by government and chase he an unfinished dream? The abdomen which arranges the environment that Toyosu can be sold for the way to the casino facilities by the majority of Koike new party by election for the member of the Metropolitan assembly. That's Mr. Koike is connected with Abe government which is also member's fellow of IR promotion under the surface of the water. Tokyoite's eye may probably be called one full of a knothole now. An organizing committee of 2020 Tokyo Olympics can't cancel one full of rights now. But there would be no revival of Mr. Haruo Minami in a theme song. (I don't think I wouldn't like Mr. Minami.) at this rate even if it's called a grandfather granny's recognition meeting, that's all right. Everything is simply withdrawal of a ZAHA plan at new National Stadium. Mr. Abe has carried this out calmly. It would be Olympics of a historical minimum, but the obligation I'm making succeed thinks I have that as Japanese. We'd like to propose one for it.
May 3 is a Constitution Memorial Day. The ridicule is generally made a livery constitution from GHQ, but I think there would be no how to do when judging from the national character by which nothing is decided by oneself. It can't also be said that judges from peace of the Imperial family and a blame pear strategy to Emperor Showa, and that's unnatural. You can't say, but an absurd one is also a truism for the country. Postwar Japan was in the environment that you can't resist GHQ at all. An interview of MacArthur and Emperor Showa was performed ten times during 1945-1950, and Whitney of a staff got Emperor Showa's remark record. They seem able to read freely as an official document of secret release in USA at present. I don't know why you made it secret. Emperor Showa who entreated emperor's disposal and maintenance of the National Athletic Meet tries to burden Mr. Tojo who has just assumed a prime minister then with responsibility of a war. It was a navy that it was aggressive in a Japan and U.S. war, and Emperor Showa was a navy party, too. Offense and defense under the surface of the water to make them pass the buck around the army couldn't also be excluded and even if a documentary evidence of the enormous military before the end of the war was destroyed well, I made the people give Gyokuon. The Japanese longest day would be the tool for Emperor Showa to question and produce SHI-lessness. RIBERARU is being served at present, but Asahi Shimbun which was a leader of prewar fighting spirit uplift shouldn't forget that it was the leading role of right-wing media essentially. A right-wing sound truck frequently keeps criticizing on an anti-day in Asahi Shimbun, but the partner who fights isn't supposed to forget that it's between the origin. Emperor Showa is probably ten times of interview with MacArthur, and it's apparent that it was the situation that Japan couldn't help accepting American subordination-ization. Immunity from responsibility of atomic bombing and drop SHITA in Hiroshima and Nagasaki are commended for San Francisco peace treaty (Peace only of USA. It doesn't make peace with China and Korean Peninsula Asia of other ones.) and blanket bombing in the whole country (indiscriminate) is indemnified.Joint worship of the A order war criminal and an old civilian war worker makes a distrust to Asia be doubled in Yasukuni-jinja, and I come at present. Even though it's really difficult to believe in the following memo as the country. The responsibility three hundred or four million Japanese and tens of millions of foreigners made rushed into the war which became sacrifice praises the person who says so with a living god, and is big. Japan sends the offsprings in office in the Imperial Rule Assistance Association in those days to a political situation up to now, and there are still a lot of family aiming at regression before the war, too. It's a very deplorable thing, but Japan now can be the national polity like the prewar days and wouldn't be. USA is because for which century would Japan also be watched just as it is. So only a convenient councilor is enough in USA incompetently in Japan of which it can't become independent.