An affair 100 years before seen from A.D. 2115.

A picture of an impact from 100 years before is let run by a program of NHK Japan. You make realize how a strategy to Islam society in the Europe Great Powers which involve born cause of IS was by reason no-dedication. With resignation a chain of hate from the 100 years before still follows. I advance the way to the peace which became impossible. Uneasiness in today Bunmei can't help be received obediently. Mr. Abe is tossed and loses sight of oneself at the time. A wise judgement isn't done any more. By a secret agreement in United Kingdom in the World War I and France. The Ottoman Empire cut strategy bore rise of today's IS Isramic militant. You'd be able to say the cause which is most and. Jewish settle to Palestine starts from this time. It's also a foundation to Israeli foundation. USA was added and was the aspect of the solved impossibility by today there. The future human hardship suitable for social realization of symbiosis coexistence is expected. It'll be the future eternal impossibility by a retaliative chain. As far as there are no charisma-like worldwide leader's agency and peace construction. It can be said that there are no countermeasures. The individual right of self which is also justifiable defense-like in the area where Japan is a peaceful constitution? Because it's admitted. I think it's better to give up the right which has no need as right of collective self-defense and. When not sticking to neutrality, you can't mediate. A subordinate policy with the US will be impossible absolutely by Mr. Abe's basic container. It's oriented to the same retaliation as 100 years, so Mr. OBAMA, Cameron and Mr. Orlando are impossible. Because Russia and Osman are an old enemy in the World War I. The reconciliation with Mr. Putin and Turkey is difficult. A picture in the time of the 21st century when a reason isn't decided to the peace? How reflected is it in human eyes 100 years later?


Lonesome Area

The sky where a presidential aircraft of 20XX age USA is the Middle East, I have made a force landing with flying engine trouble. Surprisingly, the party became a president with a hostage in the rule area in IS in the area. IS possessed a stone and the vice-president of the White House who informed the whole world of a retaliative plan ordered Syrian whole nuclear use with Iraq. UN announces that it's near at the end of the Middle East and the world officially. There was last fact that the world knows and doesn't get it at all in its back. When going just as it is, a human last referee marked the history on John's Revelation scenario street. The Japanese new young leader and Mr.KURUMI prime minister who determined to rescue the world offered American agency with IS. Does the mankind have the future really?

The way to become an author in YouTube.

A word as a U tuber is published and long.
To whichever industry I go, the competition is keen.
You aren't supposed to consider plotting related to the income easily.
What, it's done, starting funds are costly. (It isn't a money face.)
The one of the question which can live by an author is talk of the limited world.
Even if he gets glory of Akutagawa prize and Naoki Prize in Japan, Jisaku has to be able to write it.
It's severe as an author.
I think the value of Mr.Matayoshi is Nisaku and three crop list, so the situation that now is wait-and-see.
An author is the reason which lives by a magazine and the royalty income from the publishing company mainly.
Even if an obscure writer and some degrees become famous, the person with the vague living income?
It should be very much. When a side job isn't done, you aren't supposed to live.
So it's said that there is also a viewpoint to which I say that I fight by different media, not a conventional method, and I'm the reason which considered an animation novel expression in youtube.
The novel I have begun to write from the second half in forties, a completion work, 8 works.
During writing or the plan design was about 30 works.
The time when I was still working at an advertising agency.
When Mac has been just shipped to Japan.
After I'd like to use typesetting vertically manuscript paper software "TAMAZUSA".
A product of a series of sentries is bought at a loan for 5 years.
But when I had finished paying, a PC became quite old-fashioned, and it was replaced inevitably.
The management situation of the apple was nearly and was the thing you do MAIKUROSOFUTONIMO support of. After that a tag is made with IBM, and, PowerPC, G3powerbook and G4.
iMac,PowerMac changes to OX10 and Intel introduction quickly.
I'll soon stick and be badly, and withdraw from a PC of an apple.
After trains are changed to a laptop computer of Windows.
The order which started to concentrate on sentences.
Blog service starts from around 2004 in Japan, in now
In the personal golden age of media, it's also felt.
The publishing industry's market is cut than the time of a peak.
The author pulling the time all together isn't found, either.
Even if Akutagawa who stultified it and Naoki Prize are given, the life is completely vague.
It's apart from a reader, I also think it's also all right to advance.
Without being influenced by a publishing company and a magazine publishing house when I'm a person aiming at an author when it is.
It's that it's natural to think as Hajime formed red snapper as an author.
Google evolves, and the close adherence with social life is very high in Gmail and youtube.
Youtube is an animation professional site, everything, as I take a picture, it isn't always expression method.
You judge a novel by a devised slide expression in a theater look.
Don't you think it's quite effective and fascinating?
So the know-how in my own way (will introduce a form of making.
Please consult.
Surely, even you should be able to make freely.

● By a HIDEMARU editor or Writer in OpenOffice.
A manuscript of a novel and an essay is driven in by itself. It's preserved and it's managed every work.
● I do whole book copying of a text of a novel in advance.
● Please prepare making for youtube by software of Adobe illustrator.
● It is, creation and next to A4, and a model is made.
● I'll be conscious of a golden rule and lay out.
● A text is copied in a file of an illustrator.
● An illustrator file is converted to Jpeg.
● I edit by slide production of youtube.
● Music is taken in by animation edit of youtube.
● It's opened in youtube.
The explanation is slightly too easy, current as of December, 2015.
71 works are being exhibited in youtube.


The reason that USA doesn't also protect Japan by an emergency.

In 2016, Mr. Shinzo Abe ruins himself by security related bills.

A diplomatic confidential document by a U.S.-Japan security relation is released at USA.
That the United States forces in Japan are the viewpoint where
I don't participate in a Japanese emergency.
It was revealed. To say so?
TOIU which defends Japan only by Japan Self-Defense Forces when it's an emergency,
and, it'll be.
The United States forces in Japan aren't here to protect Japan.
It's said that it's here only for a military strategy in Southeast Asia.
A concept of use of right of collective self-defense?
By Japan-U.S. Security Treaty alliance, well, that USA supports Japan if it'll be.
By the reason which becomes the premise.
The optimistic idea that the United States forces in Japan protect Japan?
It's said that it was very sweet, it'll be.
A scenario of the major premise which raises a deterrent by Japan-U.S. alliance reinforcement.
It's said that it's a pipe dream. In other words.
By reinforcement of an individual right of self (defensive defense).
If it isn't the strategy in which I have a deterrent personally, Japanese peace can't be built.
The existence of the Constitution of Japan is becoming important.
IS included it to Indonesia by Tokyo Olympics in 2020.
I say that a worldwide territory recovery is being planned.
On the other hand USA does nothing.
When I'll infer that it's a speculation why it is.
You can't say at all here.
Japanese defense discussion by the Japan-U.S. alliance Mr. Abe has?
I became extinct as of this, said, it'll be.
By the future's Diet
Considerable influence would come out in continuation of Abe political power.