"Current in the age and the future character"

A person in the lead-like viewpoint in the time (key man) exists certainly in a world in everytime.
How is it in the time current as of now? Who on earth applies to that?
Does Mr. Donald Trump kill, and agree with a key man in the time now?
When making the conditions, that would be possible. With its condition?
A theme by which only USA benefits in Make America Great Again doesn't apply.
When I try to carry a selfish style as an American first baseman through.
SERARU NO is open to simultaneous criticism from the world, and a natural thing.
Because American leaders, with PAKKUSUAMERIKA-NA (military power principle).
The world order by a pre Ton Wood system is built and mentioned after the war.
It's because it was trusted in from the world.
But since it's put in the Cuban Crisis.
A doctor (Guevara) and a lawyer (Castro) stand up and drive a pro-government in the US.
Since I made a revolution succeed, the power of USA was being descended.
USA "builds the world without stones" while having the overwhelming military power.
But truth is reverse idea and that's impossible realistically.
It was only a lie of Mr. OBAMA.
Mr. OBAMA is a lowest president after the war.
Mr. cards are the one such as postwar end presidents.
I think I get a mark.
It's impossible to be able to abolish a stone by the world order current as of now.
Only a permanent member of the Security Council can admit nuclear possession, and anything but that isn't permitted.
The thing considered now admits nuclearization in North Korea by the end of 2017.
U.S.-North Korea establishment of diplomatic relations and U.S.-North Korea peaceful friendship conclusion.
And signing in the end of the war is done from an armistice in Korean Peninsula.
The country in possession which makes NPT join North Korea and is a stone.
It's to establish tying which devotes itself to nuclear peaceful utilization of Mr. positive kindness.
Negotiations should be done for realization within the year under the surface of the water now.
Mr. positive kindness who says by media finds out that the launch is impossible.
In Japan where I'm fanned into USA and go against a flow in the time
A military disposition of Aegis and ASHOA can't help be done.
A distrust to Abe political power would also recur.
There is true meaning of cards in smooth related building with North Korea, China and Russia.
Japan would be able to press for diplomacy outside the mosquito net from now on.
A sentence president is strengthening dialogue cooperation with the north in Korea.
The future eternity doesn't disappear by the diplomacy now for furious antipathy to an old relation of the Japanese military.
The secret treaty by which Mr. Putin is Yalta (The four northern islands are ruled.)
It's here to be just protecting and get a president job until 2024 honestly.
There would be no concluded abdomens for a peace pact of Japan and Russia.
Mr. shuu Chinahira seems to aim at regression of a former dynasty by the whole plan directly.
Politics by the Communist Party party dictatorship is limited.
When it's reborn by democratization, there is a possibility that I get away in the country where the world is led.
Even if economy expands, since getting away, the hearts of the people don't come to talk.
It's said that an approval rate descends Mr. cards.
There was no intention which becomes a president from the beginning as him.
I defeat OBAMA and Hillary. The purpose is a fulfilled reason by an inauguration.
Only the weak point is exposed by Masaji to him who is an amateur.
Mr. Kissinger tries to use that for a diplomatic strategy well.
In other words, make advance it by the shape that I'm desperate and call North Korea and USA a peace pact conclusion.
You assume that it's to lose Far Eastern military unstableness.
U.S.-North Korea will be that I'm carrying on negotiations under the surface of the water.
Without Mr. cards' waiting for tenure of office, a possibility that I abdicate the throne to a penny vice-president is high.
Even if it's seen, how ordinary isn't the situation of the White House now?
Japan is impossible under Mr. regression of Imperial Headquarters and American subordination-oriented Abe.
The leader it'll be next gets the suitable interval with five UN permanent directors.
Japan, with the insistence reasonable appropriate for a personal independent country.
To behave oneself should assume serious proportions.
The time now is 50 years later, 100 years later and 1000 years later.
To imagine how to be drawn?
When a war, discrimination and the financial differential are thought to be peaceful.
I'm certain that it'll be something valuable.




「はい、こちら2020東京五輪」(Behind the Story 2020tokyo)
■[2015]第一章 透明慕情:その一~その四
■[2015]第二章 2020東京オリンピック開催決定:その一~その六
■[2015]第三章 1940-2020 歴史は繰り返す:その一~その八



「はい、こちら2020東京五輪」(Behind the Story 2020tokyo)

第九章 「風雲急ニッポン」









マガノミクスはトランプ氏のMake America Great Againを混ぜて作られた用語で、レーガノミクスの呼び名を真似たものそうだが、財政的には同じような道を辿るような予感はする。日本では、アベノミクスの道は泥んこ状態で、視界も見えなくなったことは言うまでもない。日本では新たな指導者が望まれている。権力をかさにして、気に入った特定の者への計らいや、便宜を法律をかいくぐって、こそこそとつまらない野心を求める官邸は、未来ある後身に道を譲り、国家百年の計を論ずる明るい世論を形成し、正しい羅針盤を設置する義務がある。余命幾ばくもない永田町の老害政治では、これからの世界の流れにはついてはいけないだろう。僕達三人は、猛暑をかいくぐって武蔵境のパワースポットで、リラックスタイムを満喫した。


مزايا وعيوب الدعاية.

مجرد التفكير لا يمكن تفسيره وجود S؟
وجردت المناطق في الشرق الأوسط أكثر من الموارد، وسياسات الاستعمار البريطاني والأوروبي
تصبح منطقة قاحلة تماما.
الإمبراطورية العثمانية حتى الحرب العالمية الأولى لسنوات 600
تمتعت السلام، وغزو القوى الأوروبية العظمى، من جانب
أجبرت الظروف التاريخية الاستبداد التي
وسوف يكون انتهى بسبب اللاجئين في الشرق الأوسط والإرهاب.
"لورنس العرب" فيلم ترفيه تاريخيا واسعة نطاق،
نموذج المملكة المتحدة اللفتنانت
في حين يميل على دعم لاستقلال العرب، على حساب الطموحات الوطنية للمملكة المتحدة و
ضمان استقلال العرب قد خذلتهم.
ومنذ أواخر القرن التاسع عشر، أصبحت الولايات المتحدة قوة الدعاية،
أصبحت لا غنى عنها للاستعمار.
استراتيجية العلاقات العامة للاستيلاء على سلطة الجماعات ذات أفكار أو أفكار معينة.
ويقول أنها مجرد دعاية.
لقد رأينا، وهو وراء الولايات المتحدة وبريطانيا على المحك.
صيف عام 2020 سوف يتقرر الألعاب الأولمبية في اسطنبول، عقدت في الإسلامية الأولى في العالم.
إذا حدث ذلك، أعتقد،
وعملت الدول الإسلامية مع تركيا!
ليس من دون منظور في اليابان التي حالت دون ذلك.
وحقيقة الأشياء المعروفة فقط في الأطراف.
لا يمكن جعل لأنك لا تعرف المنطق والاستدلال والمضاربة.
الأكثر احتمالاً هو ضرب.
في التاريخ إذا أعتقد والسبب، المهم المنظور.


Propaganda in a turning point of history, if, but, why?

Is it only I to think about incomprehensibility of the existence of IS?
An area in the Middle East depends on colonized policy in America and England and Europe and deprivation-ization of resources.
It has been a just sterile area.
The Ottoman Empire, until World War I, per 600 years.
Peace was enjoyed, but it depends on invasion in the Europe Great Powers.
Tyranny, obliged historical process.
That it has been a victim in the Middle East and the cause which bears terrorism would be apparent.
"Arabian Lawrence" is a historical large entertainment movie.
The British lieutenant who acted as a model?
It'll be sacrifice of a British state ambition while tilting to Arabian independent support.
They have been betrayed while promising Arabian independence.
USA will be a propaganda large country from time of this 19 end of a century.
It'll be the one which should be in a colonist policy.
The specific thought which is here and the strategy of public relations for a group I consider to grasp the center of the power.
That can be called a main subject of propaganda.
I think America and England involve the back of IS.
When 2020 Summer Olympics was decided in Istanbul, it was holding in the first Islam area.
When I think now if it'll be so.
I'm certain that the Islamic countries cooperated with Turkey in a body.
There is also a point of view that it's Japan that that was prevented.
Truth or falsehood of a matter is understood only by a person concerned.
Because it isn't understood, it's inevitable to judge by conjecture, inference and guess.
That's worth in nine cases out of ten.
In history, if, but, why, I think the viewpoint is also important.


The true meaning of "Sontaku".

Moritomo school is exchange by a ruler, a bureaucrat and a person concerned by Kake school, and terminology as "surmise (surmise)" has frequently come out, the meaning is also incomprehensible as Japanese, oh, it's done, and, and, when it's translated into a foreign language, it seems difficult.
There seems to be a definition called "guess", but it isn't also quite satisfactory too much.

But a definition in MOYURUPEN?

1) "I guess so that I may sense partner's feeling and share a matter."
2) "I make something around sense the will, and it's moved by the pressure of the power other persons don't see."
3) "Without making an event realize that I don't come to my body in the condition, a fact makes a partner plant a threatening concept, and I make a fact be accomplished."
4) "I have to persuade a partner to make them use as this will, I'll make them conscious of bureaucrat's judgement befittingly, have it by a power relationship and reprove for vague language in forcing way in a difficult case."

It's thought whether it'll be the definition which says so.
You think it's better for a word to show the situation of the others who influences a word to a foreigner by a phrase than itself, right?