The future of 1% and 99%.

The future of 1% and 99%.

For a person and the organization to accomplish a matter.The proposal of established existence and reformation to the way is indispensable.Anti-reform forces on the side where an established stronghold is often defended desperately can't be despised.So it conforms to a law or is a way besides that, and whether it's executed.It's pressed a choice between two things for.So human history will repeat creation and destruction.
FBI avoided a supplementary action by Hillary Clinton's mail re-investigation.
Even though it was avoided, it wasn't decided that Hillary Clinton camp was innocent.A mail, with the fact that I planned for destruction of evidence selfishly.Half of page is Ciro coating (I say vulgarly, black-painted) by opening to the public of investigation.
Excessive contribution suspicion is disclosed to the wife of feds who takes charge of investigating.Suspicion to Mr. Hillary Clinton who avoided a supplementaryaction doesn't clear up, but.
It's the result which bears expansion of suspicion.The strategy to which Mr. bunny Saunders is entrapped in the designation election is disclosed.
Even if the person in charge who resigned is seen, it's possible to peep at Mr. Hillary Clinton's strategy.Donald Trump supporter exists fairly in the Hillary Clinton camp.
A cry is raised and the people who can't say are called the silent majority.
There is also a lot of criticism to a partner in Mr. Donald Trump's speech, but there is also a lot of policy relation.A mail problem is an insignificant one.
For Mr. Donald Trump who makes the lost American conscience and activating a catchphrase.
It's a truism to listen.
If Hillary Clinton Democratic Party of Japan government is established, there isa future for 1%.
When Donald Trump Republican Party government is established, there is a future for 99%.

The future of 1% and 99%.


War of a kingdom of Trump and Clinton empire.

When investigation was resumed, FBI announced a mail problem of Hillary Clinton camp on November 28 at USA. Mr. Trump reverse Mr. Hillary by poll, and a president of Trump has been entrusted with the reality. American membership will be a Republican, and I'd cast one vote for Mr. Trump. Because the vision of the policy is steady, and an intermediate layer is because you can do hard living by an avalanche phenomenon and be here, and there is no work for young people, and dissatisfaction to OBAMA political power is pent up by all-America. A OBAMA president is putting a label as the worst president after the war. The crime which spent lost eight years wastefully at the White House is big while saying a change. A salesman didn't do the weak relief inwardly, either. Mr. Hillary Clinton of succession makes Wall Street postured and is going to emphasize a policy for the wealthy classes of 1%. An advisor of a private mail, IS and a French company with connection of the surrounding mysterious death event and the Secretary of State an age is experiencing, too, and Clinton foundation suspicion is also talked about. There is a possibility which becomes November surprise for FBI's resuming investigation. Really, is there Hillary arrest before a presidential election?


Mr. Donald Trump's president election strategy advertising consideration.

The inside where most of media is Clinton support.
Mr. Donald Trump's president election strategy advertising consideration.

Has most of media just also called the inside and the third time of television forum of the situation of Clinton support and the Donald Trump support-lessness injury caused draw at USA? Mr. Donald Trump is defeated and Hillary Clinton wins. Clinton wins an overwhelming victory over final selection. Even a bookmaker would be Katsutoshi Clinton. But respectable policy and idea can't exclude that the television discussion performed outside the mosquito net was the posture inappropriate for Clinton. Eight years when OBAMA political power was lost will be after a supporter determines on eight years more and the nightmare which continues. Bill Clinton is the Secretary of State for four years and the being in office which will be 4 or 8 from now on when being elected this time, for two periods during eight years by for the first period of OBAMA political power as the first lady and then is the reason which reigns over the White House for at most twenty years. USA can't also change at all in such long period and economic recovery, differential correction, refugee issue and resolution of conflict also have a high possibility it doesn't gain any more. Mr. OBAMA is said to be the worst president in the postwar.
The voter who takes exception to the successor should say an all ordinary way of thinking. Sexual harassment in Mr. Donald Trump's past, disclosure will be now, and unnaturalness and, Clinton camp, some priming and fabrication, I can't think, I'm not here.
Since destroying a stronghold of wealth of 1% in Wall Street, the established politician group which crowd round the intolerable vested interest (Democratic Party of Japan and Republican Party) may be the one by which Mr. Donald Trump is frightened at reform. In the posture which will wash USA like Mr. Japanese Sakamoto Ryoma.... The whole media will report an overwhelming victory on Clinton side to that Mr. Donald Trump aims by a presidential election, and when it's already in peace, Clinton is careless, and a voter doesn't go to a polling place any more, and you can imagine the result and Mr. Donald Trump from which the voting rate falls advancing election profitably easily.
Mr. Donald Trump was a businessman, so if politics of Ms. Hilary Clinton are exchanged with an experienced professional politician directly, a mask comes off. In that case respectable argument will make the contents of a forum become more vulgar, and should say that it was as wise as possible to avoid. If I'm a person in charge of Mr. Donald Trump's strategy PR, such stance is also possible. Because only American certain report is published, Japanese mass communication is out of question.

A spur begins to be apart from Hillary of a voter for the form of Hillary Clinton who walked on air by partner's enemy error by a debate, and a top secret lecture record in Wall Street is said that the one you can say certainly is a big heavy blow to have flowed by mail disclosure of WIKIRIKUSU. The young people's most part wouldn't cast one vote against Hillary. NY Times proposes Clinton's support O, but 270 seats of securement which is the majority of a representative councilor is the report as if it's presumed, and an electorate of Hillary camp is that it's also possible enough that a relieved partition doesn't go to voting. Mr. Saunders can also think a supporter doesn't vote on Hillary Clinton or renounces, and casts a vote for Mr. Donald Trump enough.


Maria Estrogen.

Name :Maria Estrogen. Maria Estrogen of 168 or 110 or 60 or height bust waist hip 90. Age unknown. It was carved by certain art school and history and the deep psyche science were learned by an other university literature department. The art system nude model is writing a romance novel with a major advertising agency chairperson secretary and a major female private detective agency strategy PR head of an office secretary at present at any time. A mama is being now and then supported with acquaintance's recommendation at a perfect introduction key club in Ginza where you declined a customer who don't have an introduction (CLUB YUKI GINZA). The feature which added Kikukawa rei SAN O to Keiko Kitagawa and divided it by two. I'm making the person himself appear on a heroine and a supporting role to a work. The oasis of important cure where big breasts build the peaceful society which issues a pheromone since history. It feels like and 360 viewpoints are examined in medical* cerebral physiology-like and physiological* instinctive* Venus-like. I think it's the mission that even 50 years old protect a virgin and make a male captivate by beautiful big breasts. You can try merging a YouTube animation novel with physical function romance novel (Japan edition Clay Hart romance) this chapter every work by a blog. A completion work, 10 works and a schedule work are a secret. Part YouTube is exhibiting limitation by a blog currently for the person who would like to read.


Welcome to the theater type youtube animation novel spread committee



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「ハッピー ニューイヤー、ノブナガ ドノ。オバマデ ゴザル」
「ソンナ セッショウナ。ナイショ、ナイショ、ナイショノ ハナシハ、アノネノネ、デゴザル・・・。911 モ フセイン モ ビン・ラディン モ アメリカノ ウソデゴザルヨ。カンニン、カンニン。イスラムコク モ ウラデ アヤツッテ イルンデヨ・・・」
「バグダディ ハ ハマスノ シュッシン。ダカラ、ペンタゴンハ ミエミエナワケヨ」
「まだわかりません。バックツゥー フューチャー2みたいにはなってないです」
「ワタシニハ デキマセン」