The Third Last War has started already.

The Third Last War has started already. It's very thin that a man of today necessary for the midst recognizes historical objectivity. Because there are real life and estrangement of world situation. An invasion to the Middle East America and England prepared is judged as extension of a crusade from Islam side, and I say. It's a needed reason to maintain neutrality, but Turkey which was the center of the Ottoman Empire primarily has been aggressive to IS by ruler's convenience. Even that became near that reconciliation with Kurd and others is necessary by all means impossibly. Even if Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Syria and Egypt are made a victim by the reason for which the Great Powers country of Europe and America is paying a bill of colonial rule to African whole now, when there are no invasions to them, it should be possible to avoid outflow. The Third Last War starts from 2001 and only fifteen years have passed yet, and it would also be better to think it continues for thirty years. It should be written on the future history so.