MOYURUPEN! Introduction of a work

◆MOYURUPEN! Introduction of a work◆
(Book-ization, unreleased work, plan and image-lessly)
※ Please tell one in case of the original work use request by which it's for a movie and a television.
※ After considering book-ization and in case of filming, reconsideration of an original work (correction correction) is sometimes performed.
※ An original work also assumes one in case of reimport to (Hollywood) Japan from foreign countries.

< (book-ization and unreleased work-lessly)>
* An unannounced work is being exhibited in a youtube stealth animation novel!
* Self-development and a column essay work are being also exhibited!
* 56 works of animation slide is being delivered currently.
★ Love of a fragrance (300 and whole book)
★ Storm from the future (450 and whole book)
★ The group of the valley (180 and whole book)
★ Temptation of a rainbow (160 and whole book)
★ Father's satisfaction (160 and whole book)
★ The landscape of the feminine tears (200 and whole book)
★ Clear longing (50 and whole book)
★ Reminiscence of light (45 and whole book)
☆ Saint of transparent color (200 and whole book)
☆ Clear sister (etude of a satisfaction of 100, a whole book and my father)
☆ Clear delusion (10 and short story)
☆ The Moyurupen Street Journal

■ Work of MOYURUPEN, the plan and image.

1) "female satisfaction"※ the cause of death of Misako's dead husband was death not a death from overwork, but on the abdomen with a lover.... I look for the world of the pure immoral love which was here in the advertising agency age.
2) "changing enthusiast small scenery"※ Kurajirou while collecting data taking the restructuring by 50 years old as an opportunity, who slipped into ten companies per three years. An expectation firm, a female private detective agency, a home delivery firm, the fine arts system publishing company, an industry newspaper, a head-hunting firm, a Korean affiliates service firm, recruit company and a nude model draw the landscape of the physical function novel publishing company in a comical wind.
3) "nothing unusual in Honno-ji"※ history simulation. The Japan and Mitsuhide which tried to execute hen in Honno-ji died suddenly. Sekigahara and Shogunate Government of Edo have ended in illusion without Hideyoshi's unification of the whole country. And a ripple mark to today?
4) "another history 2016"※ axis state won in the Second World War, and the world order of 2016 was the world just different from different history. History simulation.
5) "a mosquito Prix condition, 2" a※ Project Apollo was absurd Pentagon fabrication. Evidence of the picture plan document and top secret was found at Hollywood.
6) "M of two people and Mr. K" (true story)※ school tragic love story of coeducation. The same family name is homonymous and rumor of love with me spreads on campus, and a relation of pure first love with Mr. likely winner's medium child is confessed first from Mr. captain's medium child in the misunderstood volleyball part, and Mr. partner medium child of first love and Mr. another person's medium child are in entrapping with which they associate.
7) "visitor from 2039"※ the whole picture of Kennedy assassination case is exhibited from Warren committee, and it's an astonished storm in the future. Opening to the public is slow, it has been just, the world is in the dangerous situation. Visitor's story from Miki who should time-travel to 25 years before and open to present-day people early, and fights desperately.
8) "99.9% small scenery" (subtitle: Early retirement writhe struggle account)※ the acquaintance who has that fish in severance pay, RARE, please, I became complacent and did an early retirement, but a wall of re-employment is accepted thick, and there is also a limit of the side, and it's a wave of an ordeal in a way.9) "Yes is 2020 five circle success committee here!"
Olympic sayakaori which lives in the house next door goes out of the Waseda University graduate school, and, in Tokyo Metropolitan Government, it goes into the government office, every day when it's assigned to a department of preparatory committee of Tokyo Olympics and is in utter confusion in 2020 suddenly. Novel of the sync documentary touch by which the information which doesn't come out in media for holding is filling. It's expected to be a blog of wordpress and carry it.
10) "refreshing bold outlaw series of biographies"
The time of everytime is bold and it's fascinating to hear a pleasant anecdote and I'm relieved.
A pro wrestler, a baseball person and a performing artist have successful unsuccessfulness, but there are people who do the thing which isn't considered by daily life. It's chosen and introduced.
11) "the happy next turf"
The next turf is dazzling, and all right. From the time when the invincible happy family is infancy perfectly, with a neighbor, an affiliation, for, it was wrapped in the veil which cries. The bullying was also made good, the veil is peeled off at last, IJI ME, the family who was here is astonished and sheds tears. With the turf's truth?
12) white canvas
13) "memory of water"
14) "for my mother, professional bowler"
15) "face lock"
16) "cherry tree family story"
17) "Number ten of black enterprise sneaking in account of Mr. M fights."
A place of the duties with the smooth sales.
By payment refusal at tens of billions of yen of a client and persistent rent peeling of megabank.
I enter a subsidiary of an IT enterprise reluctantly.
By report of the day suddenness and the mass media by which I have hundreds of companies of a workplace.
I know the body selling a client is arranging it beforehand and by which he's headquarters, and it seethes.
A management reconstruction consulting company is inhuman employment adjustment.
The family as thousands of people will waver in the roadside from the day.
But the consulting company was a black enterprise.
Moreover a re-employment support consul tongue company, the reality?
It was a paper company.
For eldest daughter who cut down entrance into a school of higher grade and the family who held sickness
After that whatever kind of thing is done, Mr. M has to be earning.
I'm in fifties, it'll be, and, when change of occupation improves a skill.
Even how much is the illusion you employ often held?
The actuality is quite severe. Everything of the job category is decided by the age.
It's better to give up a respectable major enterprise.
You just make hold disappointment.
There is a list of job advertisements by a PC at a public employment security office.
I don't know when to crush only by a small-scale enterprise.
If it's anyhow now, I enter into the black enterprise.
It isn't also bad while collecting data to experience it. By probation period in three months, the adoption side?
Even the system that head can be cut off anytime twists that around.
An experience notes of Mr. M I challenged by bang daringly.
Because it's a thing from Ave flea camphor tree before around Riemann shock.
It may be a helpful story for the person who will consider change of occupation now.
For even a woman to live through face white l KU sturdily gently flexibly and go by a man.
Toul where a dandyism is indispensable.
18) "the ability of one hundred million"
The refreshing comedy which draws the way of life by which the man who picked one hundred million yen up by chance at a night journey in Ginza doesn't move slightly.
19) "yes, this, 2020 Tokyo Olympics"※ it's in progress by a blog.
20) "Mr. Bin Laden's truth"
21) "Mami of IS and USA"
22) "I spy on home delivery here."
23) "storm from Azuchi"
24) "226 political power establishment Japanese parsley!"
25) "dark blue patios" (the near future simulation novel)
< foreword>
2020 Tokyo Olympics has ended in the peculiar meet seen unprecedentedly. The possibility of 2020 Tokyo Olympics was made by the thing which has decided that IOC gave the play holding right with the new bounds to the host country once and that we assumed that cooperation with more than one city and a foreign country could be held holding of Japan Mikuni of China and South Korea by a selfish judgement of the Governor of Tokyo. When making it Japan, which thing besides the humiliation wasn't it also? And processing of a negative legacy of Ave flea camphor tree was a big burden on reaching 2025, and Japan where I recorded the Constitution of Japan from this world actually in the middle in 2010 's, left and took after the Nazis political power and the Japanese government which walked the same way over 5 years later was leading the Japanese future to the dark world. Liberal Japan Self-Defense Forces and polity rebel against a government and establish provisional government in Nagata-cho. But the time was too late. Whole Japan changed into a final disposal place by pollution in a nuclear power plant, and Japanese had no choice but to be scattered on world all part as a victim. Namekata of new Japanese Government who made the aircraft carrier several times of Ronald Reagan order are also residence and a foundation in a range of livelihood? 50,000 people are dotted with an aircraft carrier of the scale infinitely around grave-ized Japan. Can you also accept the form of the future which is this shudder that you feel like looking away too much or.... to say Japanese destruction?
26) "star in beautiful childhood"
Time caricature and science fiction novel of KURARIN affected by Mr. Mishima, Mr. Arthur C. Clark, Mr. Tom Clancy and Koda Rohan.

Additionally the plan joins at any time.

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