The future of Abe government which is surrounded by enemies on all sides, plunks and is isolated.

  When Xiang Yu's army (whip) is circled by Liu Fang's (grandsir) Han army in the B.C. 3rd century China, and they're all directions and a song of a whip can be raised, surrounding by enemies on all sides thinks a soldier of a whip lost, and is the figure of speech which suffers a crushing defeat, but this applies to Abe political power now tightly. Jong Il who is my father admits kidnapping, has apologized and has returned 5 people to Japan, but Mr. Kim  can infer that Mr. Koizumi (Mr. Abe concerned, too.) would make the normalization talks in Japan and North Korea the scrap paper and still have the grudge made moss. As far as Mr. Abe stays on at a prime minister, so abduction issue is never settled. Mr. positive kindness doesn't forget the bad name my father received yet, like Mr. Koizumi, it's thought that Mr. Abe uses abduction issue politically, too. Because I usually say "Don't make them take up abduction issue. Don't carry on a dialog. The negotiations are outrageous." when a gag order is being laid out, Japanese Government is and the time melted for Japan and North Korea now, and it'll be a fall to be shunned. Further, surmise politics in the official residence now bear a series of official document garble and concealment, and the future of the National Athletic Meet is worried about.Japan has built the foundation which isn't trusted from China and Korean Peninsula neighboring countries thanks to one history revisionist's holding expectation of own investigation. I say that abduction issue is discussed with Mr. cards in priority, but only the enormous level with Mr. Kanemasa kindness is negotiated with an important thing for, and that Mr. cards are the shape that I'm fine with Mr. Abe and sell Japanese national interests after all and are being splashed than a human rights question would be apparent. Security is the American convenience to which I have no relation, and it's fate of the vanquished nation that Japanese Government is powerless to male play's flying about the Japanese mainland. Something as Whitney document is secret release by American archives building, and I can hear Emperor Showa's postwar idea. The one as an official document, like a history, because it's holy, I can't think an officer does, and makes the act selfish by common sense. Since concealment makes the public document garble by all means, Japanese has no recognition as study too much. The system to manage Japanese history, now, indeed they seem to collapse. It isn't possible to overlook that the degree of freedom of the Japanese information disclosure is big by the world and delayed. Black-painted public documentary opening to the public proves that Japanese democracy is still a lie for permitted actuality's promoting the constitution of the a series of garble and concealment to be overt.Even if spirit of Mr. Abe who gave development introduction of a stealth fighter of domestic product "shinshin" up while asking an American face isn't understood and much male play which doesn't need to overstrain itself and buy it and the acceleration male play arrangement which has no compulsory budget of IJISUASHOA and notice of U.S. forces to Yokota base are seen, it's apparent only that the Japanese mainland is necessary for the colony-like saved point of view like Okinawa. I carry cabinet resignation en masse out to be maintaining the Government party political power now, and when there would be no ways but I abdicate the throne, the place by the prime minister is considered for Mr. Yamaguchi of the Komeito, not LDP. Political power akin to Murayama ministry may be when it's necessary now. The surmising trick in an official residence to load responsibility onto the part of Japan Self-Defense Forces also feels a concealment problem on a daily Iraq report. When an official residence stimulates a defense Ministry too much, anything like 226 events may not happen again so much. There is a problem with popularity for Mr. Ishiyaburi and Mr. rou next to Susumu is still too young. Nevertheless you wouldn't be able to survive at all by an opposition party. It's said that it's soon the limit in essence under Mr. Abe.