2020 Tokyo Olympics which has no ideas.

 France is defeated by the 19th century professional thane and a French war, and modern Olympics has started with the political expectation that Mr. Coubertin would like to promote an antiwar action and peace by sports event holding, but it doesn't seem that that Masaji uses the Olympics which has started as a political movement is avoided. It can also be said that that is natural. Olympic success was to hold it and the reason by which the goal is achieved, but participation players were so that they might stick to a slant of results as reward (medal-winning race). It was so that rulers also nationalism-ized the watch side, and might use it politically as a place by the boost national prestige. Hitler used a meet in Berlin by state propaganda before a world war and it was used politically by an exchange of a U.S.-Soviet boycott at the Moscow Los Angeles meeting, and I lived. Those are the one by Summer Olympics, but northern and southern combined team also is formed and is said to be an orchestra and participation of a cheering squad as this Korean northern and southern eased tensions plan by Winter Olympics, and a meet seems whether succeeded admirably. Political use was next to the kindness at the good direction, but the reverse was also possible, but I could ask a strong idea as northern and southern peace.
 Why isn't an idea of 2020 Tokyo Olympics being seen easily? I could ask at first, but aftereffect of a nuclear accident isn't suppressed yet, and a condition keeps pouring pollution water into the underseaness I don't control, and also and won't be also middle storage installation, and an idea as eastern Japan great earthquake rehabilitation keeps collecting nationwide. Mr. Abe who is a highest officer by presentation of 2020 five circle made safety of holding to invitation by an under control line, but the people didn't see an idea of holding. New National Stadium was establishment by the design of the British, and the streamline stadium which symbolizes rehabilitation of an earthquake disaster, a request in the future and peace went up to a topic, and I thought it also had value as Legacy personally. But, what kind of reason basket clearing did  Mr. Abe make it by a trouble by a relation of expenses by general contractor's Japanese objection? And a slush fund problem by Olympic invitation, a piracy problem by an Olympic emblem and compact holding in the holding 8 kilometer area were a wide area. Criticism concentrated on Mr. Abe who participated in the closing ceremony of Rio Olympics in 2016 by personal political use. It wasn't also so in the country, but it wasn't ashamed and was also interpreted as a power act. Tokyo Olympics in 1964had a clear idea. Olympic-torch relay at each country is performed by the shape as the postwar rehabilitation and the apology pilgrimage to the Southeast Asian nations.the last sacred fire runner does Olympic-torch relay at each country by the shape as the postwar rehabilitation and the apology pilgrimage to the Southeast Asian nations, and chooses the youth born in Hiroshima-ken on the atomic bombing day. It was the political use to which I appeal for thorough peace. Success of a meet isn't right or wrong of medal acquisition of an athlete. When it isn't the leaving location called an antiwar action and peaceful reconfirmation, it's insignificant. The mass media should also be overlooked by such posture.